Organization Overview

Modern technology and scientific breakthrough means that health and medical services have led to increase in life expectancy worldwide and in particular African states. This is also true of the growing older population in Kisumu County. The increase also comes with new challenges – the provision of adequate services for the elderly.

Because of the dispersal of the families nationally and internationally, for jobs and other reasons, more often than not, adult children reside   miles away from their parents. The emphasis on the nuclear family  today,  also means that  even  when  family members reside in the same city or neighborhood as their aged parents, they  do not  necessarily live under  the same roof.

As families become more engaged in the pursuit of professions and other interests in life and as parents and/or guardians become older there is an increasing vacuum as to how the elderly are cared for. Care homes (Residential and Nursing) become increasingly necessary to narrow that gap and to provide facilities to cater for the needs of the elderly.

The provision of services to older people in care homes has been part and parcel of the Social Care arrangement in many societies. Given the advancements in Kenya and indeed the developments taking place in the counties, care homes are becoming an imperative.

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